8 Money-Saving Tips for Improving Your Bathroom’s Design

I don’t know about you, but for me, a bathroom goes well beyond its practical uses; within the past years, I’ve come to think about it as a sanctuary of sorts, that room of the house that’s dedicated to pampering, relaxing, and deconnecting — a place where I can enjoy some alone time and use that alone time to take care of my skin, hair, body, and mind.

And just like any other space in my house, the more beautiful my bathroom is, the more I can enjoy the time I spend in it. But re-designing a bathroom or remodeling it altogether is quite an investment. That’s why today we’re going to look at a few handy ways in which we can improve our bathroom’s design without having to spend a ton of money in the process. Here are some tips to help you maximize your bathroom’s function and style while saving money — both on the short and long run:

#1 Choose décor materials wisely

When designing your bathroom, one of the most important things to take into consideration is choosing the right materials. And I’m not talking about the tile (which we all know ceramic is the way to go); but rather furniture and appliances. Since this space is expected to be exposed to water, humidity, and moisture, it’s best to use waterproof materials for all furniture, décor items, and appliances.

For example, solid wood or plywood may not be a good choice for furniture, as it will likely warp and crack (and it can even lead to mold). Instead, a way better — and longer-lasting — choice would be PVC, which is extremely durable, completely waterproof and offers a great look and feel as well for bathroom cabinets. When buying blinds for your bathroom windows, choose waterproof blinds because they are stain and mold resistant, as well as fade-free. When picking appliances, make sure to avoid any metal that might rust, and preferably stay away from plastic; some of your best choices are brass, stainless steel, and zinc (or zinc alloys), as they stand the test of time and add a note of style to your bathroom.

Overall, focus on materials that can withstand humidity and water. This way, you don’t have to spend money replacing them and you can rest assured that your bathroom will maintain its clean and brand-new look over the years.

#2 Widen and brighten your space with mirrors

Instead of adding a skylight or a new window to brighten a rather gloomy bathroom (which would call for a pricy renovation), consider using a large mirror, re-painting your walls in a light color, or adding extra light fixtures. These can all help create the illusion of space, making your bathroom look wider and brighter. Obviously, this technique is much more affordable than having to install an additional window to your bathroom space and you’d be surprised at how much of a difference adding a large mirror can make.

If you feel like you don’t have the space to add an additional mirror to your bathroom, consider replacing the mirror above your vanity with a far larger one. Bonus tip: choosing an unusual shape or a unique frame for the vanity mirror (like the one in the image below) can give an impressive look to your bathroom, and act as the centerpiece of the room.

bathroom vanity with large, unique mirror

#3 Update by regrouting

If you’re looking to update your bathroom quickly and on a tight budget, consider replacing the existing tile grout. Regrouting is a two-step manual process by which you first remove the hardened old grout from the seams, or joints, between the tiles in your bathroom, then apply fresh new grout to make it seem like you have just installed your tiles (here’s a full walkthrough of the process). You’d be surprised how big of a difference this fairly simple update can make — especially since tiles rarely show signs of wear and tear, but the grout’s initial color fades away, and often gives a sense that it’s dirty, discolored and old.

This idea works best if the tiles in your space are still in great shape, that is, they don’t have cracks or missing pieces. Although it may take a bit of work, it’s surely faster and cheaper than a major bathroom overhaul. Fresh grout will make the tiled area look brand new, and you can even apply a new grout color to make a more dramatic change to your bathroom. 

pink bathroom tiles

#4 Get creative with designer tiles

Now, if you’re looking to add a splash of sophistication to your shower or bathroom tiles, but don’t have the budget to splurge on designer tiles, there’s a super easy trick you can turn to: use regular, budget friendly tiles across the walls of your bathroom, then add a pop of design and color in a small area using more expensive designer tiles. 

Or, you can keep it simple and use classic tiles, but arrange them in an unusual pattern or install them at an angle to create an eye-catching effect. If you’re looking for the maximum effect, create an accent wall (preferably right where either the shower or bathroom vanity go, to highlight that space), like the one pictured below. It won’t cost as much as replacing all of your bathroom tiles, but will definitely give your space a great, updated look.

bathroom shower tiles

#5 Try to avoid current trends

We all like to think that we’re aligned with the latest trends and fads. But the truth of the matter is, the best way to waste money is to follow fads that in a couple of years will seem so outdated that you’ll feel the need to renovate your bathroom all over again. You can make your design last way longer if you’ll use natural finishes and neutral colors.

Classics also tend to be considerably less expensive than their trending counterparts, and they’re much more likely to stand the test of time. See below for a marble-themed bathroom that was all the rage a few years back, but that seems a little out of place in the more minimalist-inclined era that we live in today.

marble bathroom with gold fixtures

#6 Use traditional finishes

This goes hand in hand with our last point: using fancy fixtures and embellishments on your faucets and cabinet hardware may seem like a good way to add some personality, but they can turn out to be rather costly without having the desired effect over the years. These kinds of fixtures are pricier than standard ones and their unusual colors, trimmings, and shapes can be more difficult to match with the rest of the décor — and limit any improvements you might decide to make in the near future.

Because of this, you may be forced to buy new coordinating pieces, too. However, if you’ll stick with traditional finishes, it will be simpler for you to create a cohesive look while still sticking to your budget. 

bathroom sink and fixtures

#7 Re-use old furniture to create a unique look

If you have an old desk, table, dresser, or TV stand, consider using it in your bathroom (provided it can withstand humidity and isn’t easily prone to water damage, as we’ve stated above). Repurposing old furniture will give you a chance to show your personality while adding much-needed bathroom storage. Consider doing this as a DIY project, which can help you save money while also being earth-friendly. 

Not sure how to fit old furniture with your bathroom décor? Repurposing doesn’t mean using the piece of furniture in the same way it was intended by its makers; so you can get as creative as you want, by say turning an old desk into a vanity, parts of a table into shelves, an old painting frame into a mirror frame, you name it. See below for a great example of how this stunning bathroom with matching his and hers vanities uses old crates to frame the bathtub.

elegant bathroom with matching his and hers vanities

#8 Refinish rather than replace

Replacing bathroom elements will usually require removing or replacing plumbing fixtures, which comes with additional costs. It can also involve construction changes, demolition work, and new installation. Before deciding on replacing any of these fixtures, determine if they really need replacement. If you’re replacing them for aesthetic reasons, you might have the option to refinish them instead of replacing them altogether. 

For example, you can refinish your old tub with a nice-looking, protective coating instead of completely replacing it. You can also paint your cabinet anew instead of purchasing a new one — and you can even get creative with the color you use. Check out this elegant bathroom below, whose owners chose to refinish the bathtub and paint it in a slight pinkish hue. Isn’t it just lovely?

pink bathtub in elegant bathroom

Final thoughts

The bathroom is one part of the house that needs some upgrading every now and then, and said upgrades can turn out to be quite expensive. However, with some rather small, but well-thought changes, you can spruce up your bathroom design without spending a pretty penny. And if our suggestions are not to your liking, there’s tons of helpful resources out there that can give you some great ideas to get you started.

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Indoor Wellness: How to Recreate the Ultimate Interior Design Trend of 2020

Within the past few years, we’ve seen a growing interest in everything wellness. With a more mindful approach on how we approach our day-to-day lives, the emphasis is now placed on maintaining our mental and emotional health, as we are actively working to ensure that all aspects of our lives remain balanced — our homes included. This is why the real estate wellness market soared in 2017 to one billion dollars. But what about us regular homeowners, who weren’t lucky enough to buy homes designed in such a fashion? Well, this is where interior design comes in to lend a

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Here’s Everything You Need to Set Up a Meditation Corner in Your House

Our homes should be oases of calm where we can retreat to from the hectic world we live in. But that’s easier said that done, especially since every corner of the house stands as a reminder of something we didn’t quite get to yet; whenever we walk past our desk, we’re being reminded that there’s work left to be done and bills to be paid; when we enter the kitchen, we may be reminded that we forgot to cook dinner so we should probably order some takeout… again!

But what if you had a place in your house completely devoted to chasing away stressful emotions? A space with comforting surroundings where you can clear your mind – a meditation corner.

There are no specific rules for creating one, but first, choose a space that simply feels good. You need to make sure that it’s constantly clean and uncluttered, and you may also want to account for lighting, depending on what time of the day you want to meditate.

Once you’ve decided on it, all that remains is for you to decorate and personalize your meditation corner. And we’ve got you covered here! Check out the following meditation items and choose the ones that’ll help you transition into a quiet mindset. Namaste!

Meditation pillow

woman meditating
Image credit: North Corner Yoga on Amazon

See it here

What’s best about creating a meditation corner is that you don’t need expensive stuff, but you do need comfort. This meditation zafu will allow you to maintain perfect posture during your practice, by propping your hips up higher than your knees. If you don’t feel comfortable enough, you can easily remove some of the pillow’s filling.  

If you already have an old meditation pillow, consider making it brand new by changing its cover. We personally love this one.

Tibetan singing bowls

Tibetan singing bowl
Image credit: Ohuhu on Amazon

Find them here

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. When played, the sonic waves help induce deep meditative and peaceful states.

Handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, the Ohuhu singing bowl is as beautiful to look at as it is to hear, producing a profound sound healing experience. Besides, it’s easy to carry around, so you can take your bowl wherever your practice takes you.

Meditation bench

meditation bench
Image credit: Mindful Modern on Amazon

See it here

Another item that you can add to your peaceful corner is a meditation bench. For those of you who find it difficult to meditate using a zafu cushion, a bamboo bench will offer ergonomic support and comfort.

Because proper posture is key to in the meditation practice, this bench is ideal for the traditional Japanese kneeling posture, called “seiza” position.

Small bamboo coffee table

bamboo coffee table
Image credit: Zen Bamboo on Amazon

See it here

Create a stylish and tranquil space for your meditation practice with this small coffee table.

Made from eco-friendly natural bamboo, this piece is highly versatile and ideal for accompanying your session with a nice cup of tea, or you can simply use it to place other meditation items.

Wall tapestry

meditation wall tapestry
Image credit: Lahasbja on Amazon

Find it here

Some people like to keep their meditation space simple, but others like to go all the way and decorate their walls as well.

If you think that a drawing of different yoga elements will help induce a deeper meditative state, then you should probably consider this Indian mandala tapestry. Made out of lightweight polyester fiber, the material is soft and you can also use it as a meditation mat.

Citrine & amethyst crystal tree

bonsai crystal tree
Image credit: Mookaitedecor on Amazon

Find it here

You don’t need a special place when it comes to beautiful ornaments, but a replica of the traditional Chinese “Wishing Tree” would definitely fit better in your meditation corner.

Made out of natural titanium, coated rock crystal cluster base with crystal quartz leaves, this wishing tree is considered by many to be a symbol of good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Empowering question cards

empowering question cards
Image credit: Sunny Present on Amazon

Find them here

We all need to start an inner conversation every once in a while. Gaining deeper insight into who we really are takes some work — and requires that we ask ourselves the right questions.

These adorable Empowering Questions cards contain all the right questions that’ll trigger positive answers. They’re an easy way to bring mindfulness to your life by getting to know yourself and start working on the aspects that matter to you the most.

Tealight candle holders

tealight candle holders
Image credit: Iyara Craft on Amazon

See them here

Everyone loves candles. They lighten up the space and create an enchanting and intimate ambiance.

These beautiful antique wooden candle holders will add coziness and a warm touch to your relaxation space. They go very well with both modern and rustic decor and they would also make a great gift for your friends.

Lotus back-flow incense holder

incense holder
Image credit: YYW on Amazon

See it here

Surround yourself with a soothing scent as you focus on your meditation practice with this back-flow incense holder. The aromas will help you relax and let your imagination run free.

The Lotus back-flow incense holder is also great for welcoming your guests. It will create a pleasant atmosphere and why not, reflect your elegant taste.

Japanese Zen garden

Japanese zen garden
Image credit: Hubert & Quinn on Amazon

Find it here

Japanese Zen gardens are a great way to quiet your mind, improve your focus, and develop an overall sense of well-being.

Japanese Zen gardens are places of quiet contemplation and reflection so these tiny versions of them are designed accordingly. You can place one within reach in your meditation corner for tension relief and to help increase mindfulness.

Relaxation fountain

relaxation fountain
Image credit: Homedics on Amazon

Find it here

Another item that will turn your meditation corner into a haven is a tabletop relaxation fountain that will bring the serenity of nature indoors.

With a design that would look great in any setting, this relaxation fountain will instantly put you at ease. Get ready to enjoy the soothing natural water sounds, accompanied by a unique lighting feature for added ambiance.

Folding screen

folding screen
Image credit: Coaster Home Furnishings on Amazon

Find it here

If you want more privacy and less distraction for your meditation corner, you should consider breaking off the area from the rest of the house. And no, you don’t have to build a wall for this, you just need a folding screen.

This black & white four-panel screen is made out of pine and fabric and it would nicely fit in any décor.

So that’s about it — now you’ve got everything you need to create your own meditation corner. We’re sure that there are many other things that you can use to bring serenity into your home and we’d love to hear your ideas.

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A September State of Mind

Hi friends. So sorry to go completely MIA on you. Between attempting online school with a five-year-old, much of California burning to the ground, and the general state total chaos in which we find ourselves, getting to the computer for any length of time has been a bit of challenge, to put it mildly. And then I blinked and summer is officially over.

But I had to finally get on here as I have big news for you!

They say you shouldn’t make major life decisions during times of extreme stress, right? Well, we decided to throw all caution to the wind and instead have purchased a coastal cottage in Washington State! Apparently a global pandemic, homeschooling a kindergartner and the most consequential presidential election of our lifetime wasn’t enough to keep me busy.

coastal cottage mood board on Apartment 34

In all seriousness, if the past seven months of Covid have taught us anything, it’s the importance of friends and family and so we decided to create a gathering place that can bring together those we love most for years to come. Nestled within the myriad of inlets and islands that dot the Puget Sound north of Seattle, the cottage enjoys sweeping views of the Olympic mountains and Hood Canal. I consider it my official respite from the impending doom. Sadly it looks nothing like the inspiration images I’ve collected here.

Instead, it is going to take a LOT of work to get our little coastal cottage visitor ready – and in a very short period of time. Over the coming weeks, I plan to take you along on the entire design journey. I will be sharing everything with you – from the cottage’s current state, to all of my design inspiration and through the remodel process. If all goes according to plan, I’ll share a major before and after reveal in time to spend the holiday season with our family rather than more than 800 miles away.

coastal cottage mood board on Apartment 34

Trust me, we’re going to have plenty to discuss, as I have to pick an entire household’s worth of things – from paint colors and kitchen cabinets down to dishware, bedding and everything in between. No design decision will be left unturned. It’s both exhilarating and incredibly daunting. These mood boards are just part my first ideation session for my dream vibe.

I’m hopeful sharing this process with you will offer you some fresh design ideas and positive inspiration as we all hunker down to weather what will undoubtedly be a stormy fall – be it literally or just politically. It’s been a rather dark year and I feel like this might be a way to share a little bit of light. I know I am very happy for the creative distraction. I hope you are too.

I can’t wait to share more very soon!

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